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 Age: 26
Student, University Student
Lived in Canada for 2 years, a perfect traveling friend for Americans!



1.Where have you been to?

Canada (2 yr), Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, China etc

2.Which places do you want to introduce to foreign friends?

(1) Haneul(Sky) Park - located in Sang-am district, and is one of the famous tourist attraction especially during fall and winter seasons.

Flame grass and cosmos flowers are everywhere so it's good to take pictures.

You can also enjoy the view of Seoul and take a walk along ' Metasequoia' trail.


(2) Lotte World - is the biggest theme park in Seoul.

It does not get affected by the weather since It has both indoor and outdoor facilities.

Not only can you enjoy the various rides, you can also visit miniature zoo, folk museum, etc.

You don't want to miss wonderful 'Night Parade' as well.

Nearby Lotte World, there are Lotte Tower (The tallest building in Korea and has the shopping center inside),

Seok-chon lake, and Han-river are easily accessible.


(3) National Museum of Korea - located in Yong-san district.

You can find out pretty much every Korean history from here. Tons of cultural properties are well preserved,

so it is the best place to learn Korean history easily.

Those who want to know more about Korean wars specifically, The War Memorial of Korea is also nearby.

After the visit, you can have dinner or go to the pub in Itaewon, where many exotic places are gathered.

3. What do you do usually when hanging out friends?

(1) I enjoy watching movies and visiting art museums. Occasionally I go ride a bike alongside Han-river, climb a mountain, and run a marathon, whenever I get a chance.

(2) As a blogger, I like to visit famous restaurants in Seoul, and I go Myeong-dong to buy clothes and cosmetic products, etc.

(3) I like to go to the park and take pictures when the weather is nice.

4. What's your differences between Tracalsians?

(1) I can provide a vehicle through Car Sharing service for the people who have heavy baggage,

or where there is poor public transportation system.

If necessary, I can also drive to the suburbs.

(2) I know about Jongno, Gwanghwamum, Myeongdong district better than anyone else.

Around these areas, I know very well about restaurants, shopping places, and any other tourism information.

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