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  1. Where have you been to?
    a) Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Indonesia
    b) Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Port Dickson, Pulau Redang, Langkawi, Taman Negara, Malaysia
    c) Beijing, Shanghai, China
    d) Singapore
    e) Bangkok, Thailand
    f) Cebu, Philippines
    g) New York, USA

2. Which places do you want to introduce to foreign friends?
(1) Gwangjang market - is one of the most famous traditional markets to youngsters in Seoul. You may explore various traditional food with a bottle of Soju.

(2) Samcheong-dong is where many Cafes with various concepts are gathered. Each cafe has an unique interior and atmosphere.

3. What do you do usually when hanging out friends?
(1) I usually enjoy drinking alcohols with my friends during the weekends. It is very resting for me to release all my stresses gathered from the weekdays by chatting and drinking.
(2) I also sometimes go fishing to the river or sea nearby Seoul. If you want to experience natural sight-seeing of Korean river and sea, please let me know.

4.  What're your differences between Tracalsians?
(1) I can prove a vehicle for travels who carry heavy luggage along with them when visiting travel places.
(2) Based on my overseas experiences of 10 years, I can catch up what is the travels' wants and needs.

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